Wii WAD Injector

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Impaler WII Wad Injector

This app was created to simplify the process of injecting game roms into existing WII Wad files. It allows the users, based on the game system to select a rom and a pre-existing wad, removes the game from the wad, and places the new game inside. This process does not change the picture show on the channel selection, but does change the game.

Step 1: Select an Game System, Rom, and Wad

This selection screen allows the user to select the game type, game rom, and existing wad.

Step 2: Enter an Game Title

Next, the user must enter a Game Title. The Game Title will be the name of the file that is created after the application is completed.

Step 3: Inject the ROM!

The last step is to click the inject button, once the operation is completed. A file is created in the results folder named like the Game Title.

Thanks to:

wadunpacker.exe - by BFGR

wadtool.exe - by Calantra and DDF

bannertool.exe - by Calantra

wadpacker.exe - by KiKe

sha1 - unknown author

everything else - Creffca (AKA Avicr)


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